Leverage Your Data with the Best Tools on the Market

Transparensee’s integrated search platform is helping data owners across many different verticals maximize the value of their data by improving ease of information access and insight. The Discovery Engine, the keystone of our integrated platform, delivers powerful features including best-in-class fuzzy matching, structured data navigation and visualization, and free text search.

Improve User Experience

The Discovery Engine’s unique ability to understand how items in your data set relate to one another guarantees that the most relevant results are displayed at all times, saving users a lot of time.

Our fuzzy matching engine allows users to be very specific about what they’re looking for. The more detailed users are in their queries, the higher the quality of results that are returned.

Multi-select faceted navigation gives users a personalized guide to your data set.

The Discovery Engine’s flexible API makes it simple to impose your own rule-based custom orderings of results. Easily run A / B tests to find the search criteria weightings that are right for you.

Local Search: Transparensee’s technology can be applied to a number of different verticals, including restaurant search.

Fuzzy matching gives users better recommendations for other items in the data set that might be of interest to them. Our commitment to user experience will give you the tools you need to improve user satisfaction and keep your users coming back.

E-commerce: See how Transparensee’s best-in-class guided navigation and fuzzy search help customers find what they’re looking for more efficiently.

Increase Sales

Our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) helps you drive more traffic to your sites. Use the Discovery Engine to create dynamic landing pages and increase the visibility of your structured and unstructured content.

Increase your page views by giving users a more fluid and enjoyable navigation experience and offering helpful recommendations. Never take your users to “No Results” dead ends.

Connecting users with better quality results faster can significantly increase your conversions.

Increased traffic, increased user engagement, and increased conversions can result in major boosts to sales.

Lower TCO

Our rich combination of feature-rich integrated search, powerful API, library of front-end widgets, and years of expertise can reduce your time to launch, implementation costs, and maintenance costs.

Utilizing the Discovery Engine to handle the complicated calculations necessary for next-generation search can dramatically reduce your expenditures on database licenses while giving you a dramatic boost to your top line.

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