Maximize The Value of Your Data

Transparensee’s Discovery Engine is extremely flexible and can be applied in valuable ways across many different verticals and for many different purposes: search, navigation, discovery, matching, recommendations, yield optimization, and business intelligence. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our solutions in one of the verticals below, or if you don’t see your industry listed.

Dating and Social Networking

Convert more browsers into subscribers. Transparensee helps dating and social networking sites show more relevant matches to users, reducing the time it takes for a user to find dates or contacts. Better search tools and higher relevance mean increased conversation rates from browsers into subscribers.

Keep subscribers longer. Transparensee makes it easy for you to include variables about user behavior in your search algorithms so you can arrange search results in the order that maximizes your revenue. For instance, users who are less popular or whose subscriptions are close to expiring could receive automatic boosts to their relevance scores, helping you keep your subscribers for longer.

Improve user satisfaction. Better search tools make for a smoother user experience, increasing user satisfaction. Happy users are more likely to tell their friends, leading to stronger word-of-mouth and viral marketing. Satisfied users are also more likely to return to the site the next time they are looking to meet people.

Real Estate, Autos, Jobs, and Other Classifieds

Increase transactions and conversion rates. Transparensee’s superior search tools will increase the number of transactions on your site by showing users more relevant results more quickly. With the Discovery Engine’s fuzzy matching technology, you will never again run into “No Results Found” errors and will always show users the results that best match their queries. More relevant results mean better lead generation for sellers.

Improve yield optimization. Transparensee makes it easy to customize sponsored listings packages, helping you maximize the value of your sponsored listings while ensuring your users always see relevant results.

Local Venues and Events

Create a differentiated user experience. Transparensee’s unique search technology is the best on the market for local search. Use the many features of the Discovery Engine to differentiate your local search from competitors. By giving intelligent recommendations to users in addition to exact matches, Transparensee’s fuzzy matching acts more like a “virtual concierge” than a traditional database.

Make better use of taxonomies and ontologies.The Discovery Engine can use complex taxonomies and ontologies to understand the relationship between items in a data set. For instance, users searching for Thai food in a particular neighborhood might also receive recommendatoins for Vietnamese food in the same neighborhood or Thai food in the neighborhood next door.


Drive more page views, ad impressions, and user engagement. Transparensee’s Discovery Engine can drive more page views, ad impressions, and user engagement by recommending related content to users.

Highlight particular content using simple business rules. The Discovery Engine makes it easy to highlight the content you want, when you want. All it takes is a simple set of business rules.

Solve the ‘Million or None’ problem. If users enter in a narrow query, Transparensee’s fuzzy matching engine can show the most similar “close” matches, in addition to exact matches. If users enter in a broad query, the engine will always return in the most relevant results. In both scenarios, Transparensee will save your users time and reduce site abandonment.

Create dynamic landing pages to increase web footprint and search engine optimization (SEO). Transparensee’s technology makes it easy to create dynamic landing pages based on search queries to increase your site’s web footprint and improve its search engine optimization (SEO).


Give your users a personalized guide to your products and services. Transparensee combines faceted navigation with intelligent recommendations to give your users a personalized guide to your products and services.

Integrate user feedback to improve the quality of results. Transparensee can integrate user behavior data into its search algorithms to ensure your users are shown the results they are most likely to buy, increasing your sales.

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Transparensee makes it easy to create custom landing pages for popular queries, marketing efforts, and partner relationships. More dynamic and more targeted landing pages will improve your search engine standings and the return on your search engine marketing.

Legal and Financial

Maximize the value of complex and highly structured databases. Transparensee thrives on large complex data sets and can offer you best-in-class navigation and filtering at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

Increase the chances you find critical information. Transparensee’s fuzzy search technology will show the best matches in the data set, even if your users don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. This robust fault tolerance helps users discover the most important results, even when they don’t know the perfect query.

Government and Nonprofit

Give your constituents greater transparency into public interest data. Our real-time speed, user-friendly faceted navigation, and guided discovery make Transparensee the perfect tool for navigating valuable public interest data.

Analyze the data you receive to generate valuable insights. Transparensee’s suite of search and discovery tools can help you wade through and analyze large quantities of data.

Science and Healthcare

Draw better connections among records in your database. Transparensee’s fuzzy matching technology makes it easier to draw connections among items in your database, helping to drive research faster and cheaper.

Easily adjust the weightings on any metadata field to fine-tune and personalize your search. Transparensee can calculate similarity across hundreds of different metadata points. Using the Discovery Engine, it’s easy to make changes to the weightings on individual dimensions on a query-by-query or user-by-user basis. This helps your researchers to fine-tune and personalize their searches in a matter of seconds.

Make use of our open-source data navigation and visualization widgets. Transparensee maintains a library of open-source data navigation and visualization widgets to save you time and promote shared innovation.