An Integrated Search Experience

We are committed to giving users the best possible search, browse, and discovery experience. The Discovery Engine ships with the most innovative structured data navigation, fuzzy matching, and free text search features.

Best-in-class Speed.

Even when performing large volumes of highly complex fuzzy matching calculations over millions of listings and hundreds of metadata fields, the Discovery Engine shows best-in-class speed. Better speed gives users a more fluid experience. With the Discovery Engine, users never again have to hit “Search” and wait seconds for their results to display.

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Support for Interactive Front-end Technologies.

The Discovery Engine’s speed enables clients to use front-end technologies like Ajax to enliven the user interface with more interactive widgets, like sliders. The ability for users to interact instantaneously with the data set drives significantly higher engagement.

Multi-select Faceted Navigation.

Transparensee’s faceted navigation provides users with an automated guide to the data set. As users select individual facets, the results instantaneously change and the facet counts update, giving users direction to help them navigate the results.

User Personalization.

The Discovery Engine offers a number of ways to customize the results ordering for individual users or segments. Give users the ability to change search criteria weightings themselves or change weightings based on the analysis of user behavior. Either way, the Discovery Engine is the best solution to provide users with the results they most want to see.

See how Transparensee’s next-generation mapping features take location-based search to a whole new level.

Advanced Mapping/GIS and Data Visualization.

The Discovery Engine allows data owners to take advantage of cutting-edge features in mapping and data visualization. For example, allow your users to interact with maps in real-time; or show exact and close matches on the map with different icons; or define your own custom map polygons to search over or let users create their own.

Rich Support for Tagging and User Feedback.

The Discovery Engine supports sophisticated relational tagging and user feedback (e.g. rating, popularity, etc.) systems. Tags and user feedback can be included flexibly and simply as factors that the Discovery Engine uses when calculating relevance. For example, on a restaurant search site a user who is searching for a highly-rated steakhouse might be shown a highly-rated “New-American” restaurant because the engine understands that the tags for “Steakhouse” and “New-American” are closely related.